Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Melo if my iTunes library is on external drive?

Yep. You can choose library location in preferences.

Does Melo work with iTunes 11?


Does Melo work with iTunes Radio?


What will Melo add to my profile?

Songs, podcasts, and audiobooks you listen to. Use filters to keep your charts clean: set up rules to exclude items based on name, artist, album, genre, media kind, or comments.

Media must be played in iTunes for at least half the duration (or for four minutes, whichever comes first). Everywhere else: to completion (devices update the play counts when they automatically switch to the next song).

What devices are supported?

Macs, iPods, iOS devices; Apple TVs (2nd and 3rd generation) which are connected to the Mac where Melo running.

Everything must be “synced” to iOS devices, because when you “manually manage” the music, iTunes won’t transfer the play counts back to the library on your Mac.

For Home Sharing, make sure that “computers and devices update play counts” is enabled in Sharing Preferences in iTunes.

Does Melo work with sync over Wi-Fi?

Yes, Melo works no matter how you sync, be it Wi-Fi or USB.

What if there’s no network connection?

Melo will keep track of every play, and send them over your profile as soon when you connect to the Internet.

How about iTunes Match?

Unfortunately, iTunes Match is unreliable at play count sync. As soon as Apple fixes the issue, Melo will take those plays into account.

How does Melo open at login without an entry among login items?

Melo is sandboxed to keep your Mac safe and secure. Sandboxed apps are not visible in System Preferences.

Hidden Gems

To quickly glance at the now playing song, click and hold menu bar icon; once you release the mouse button, popover will close.

Option-click profile button to open page for now playing song.

⌘-Option-click profile button to disconnect Melo from your profile.

Option-click menu bar icon to scan iTunes library for plays from devices.


Melo couldn’t find iTunes library file

Melo is sandboxed to keep your Mac safe and secure. Sandbox allows Melo to read files only from your Music folder. Melo will look for library at the following paths:

~/Music/iTunes/iTunes Library.xml
~/Music/iTunes/iTunes Music Library.xml

If are seeing this error, it’s likely because you’ve moved the iTunes Library to another location in your system, and the sandbox is denying Melo access to the file.

Instead, move just the iTunes Media folder (you can do it the Advanced Preferences in iTunes), and keep the library files in ~/Music/iTunes, where Melo will be able to read them.

Melo found multiple iTunes library files

One of the recent versions of iTunes introduced a bug where it sometimes creates two library files:

~/Music/iTunes/iTunes Library.xml
~/Music/iTunes/iTunes Music Library.xml

When this happens Melo can’t scrobble iPod plays, because iTunes never updates one of the files.

Delete both files to fix the issue; and don't worry, your data will be safe, because XML files contain just a copy of your library for apps like Melo.

iTunes will automatically re-create the correct library file.